Wednesday, December 15

Netflix CEO Rates Blockbuster, Amazon Threats

I found this article interesting since I recently became a Netflix customer. I looked around at the various US online-rental places (Netflix, Blockbuster, Wal-Mart), and I definitely think Netflix is the way to go. Blockbuster has a *slightly* lower price, Wal-Mart is a little quicker at getting new movies to you (they use the USPS tracking system to ship a new movie to you as soon as you send one back instead of waiting until they actually receive it), but Netflix blows them both away in terms of DVD availability. I even rented the BBC TV version of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" from them, and that's not even available for purchase in the US! Admittedly the TV version sucked as compared to the books and the radio, but I just like the fact that nearly anything you could want is available. I even have the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus (14 volumes) scattered about in my Queue right now, and eventually I might add the 14-volume DVD set of Roger Moore playing Leslie Charteris' "The Saint" (which was the inspiration for the 1997 Val Kilmer movie).

Netflix has it all, and they have nothing to worry about. Also, Netflix Freak is a really cool OSX application that lets you manage your Netflix Queue and browse DVDs without needing to plod through a slow HTML interface.

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