Friday, December 17

Lord of the Rings' Gollum Gets Health Check

This is actually kind of funny -- students at University College London have studied in-depth the behavior of the character Gollum from LOTR in order to attempt a diagnosis of his personality disorders. Apparently, he fulfills seven out of the nine basic criteria for determining the presence of a schizoid personality disorder.

Some thought that his disorder might be schizophrenia, but since his two personalities communicate with each other that couldn't be it... patients with Multiple Personality Disorder are unaware of their alternate "identity."

It seems that they were basing their diagnoses on the Andy Serkis/CGI interpretation of Gollum from the Peter Jackson films and not specfically from the book, as this article cites a suggested thyroid problem due to bulging eyes and grossly low weight.

All in all, I think that this study is entertaining but ultimately just silly.

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