Tuesday, March 16

Hey, lookit that!

My blog address is now officially on my own domain (augmentedfourth.com)! Blogger is still hosting & publishing everything, but I finally got around to making my server's DNS point to them instead of using the amateurish blogspot.com URL.

Also, in playing with blog stuff I was poking around some old posts of mine. Apparently, in October 2005, I saw into the mind of Steve Jobs. Everything I predicted/desired in that post has come true in the years since.


Kate said...

And what predictions, pray tell, have you for the next five years, O great one?

augmentedfourth said...

I don't think I can prognosticate on demand! Of course I'd like to say "flying cars," but that's just ridiculous.

Kate said...

But on the other hand, you just used the word "prognosticate" in a sentence, after referencing a post where you used "pontificating". This certainly demands respect.

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