Sunday, September 14

Highway "zippers" helping traffic

Interesting... Tom Limoncelli mentions on his blog about a machine he's seen that moves the barrier between the eastbound and westbound sides of the Tappan Zee bridge depending on prevailing traffic. This lets there be more lanes for westbound traffic in the morning and then allows more eastbound traffic in the evening as needed.

Pretty cool, and interesting to watch in action (Tom put a picture up on his blog, linked below).

Everything Sysadmin: The Zipper Machine

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Anonymous said...

Seems cool. I'm all for anything that helps traffic.

Hardly necessary though. In the more populated cities in the mid-west, they have in place a center lane that changes direction based on a light that has an arrow or an X.

Moving cement blocks and causing congestion from the "guy changing a tire effect" can easily be fixed by a series of colorful and visually informative lights.

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