Tuesday, July 10

That new dictionary is ginormous!

Well, the new edition of the official Meriam-Webster dictionary has been finalized, and there are plenty of words that now enjoy the status of being recognized by MW as parts of the English language.

I first heard the most outlandish new word in the movie Elf, where Will Ferrell's character (a human who was adopted and raised as an elf at the North Pole) exclaims "These toilets are ginormous!" when he first encounters a human-sized public restroom.

Additional newly-minted words include "sudoku," "smackdown," and "DVR."

New dictionary includes 'ginormous' - AP

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Harry J. Sachz said...

its funny how when news like this is released, you'll hear it 20 different times in a day on various podcasts / news stories. you, however, have the honor of being the first one that I had read regarding 'ginormous'. congrats :)

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