Thursday, April 13

Google Calendar CL2 is released!

Google Calendar (codenamed CL2) has hit public beta! This is an awesome online calendar that allows you to set up multiple calendars and subscribe to each individually with any .ics-compatible calendar client (Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, etc.).

Only one problem so far: it can send SMS notifications to your cell phone to remind you of events, but Verizon is not yet supported. However, the ability to have a web-based calendar that I can get into my iPod (by subscribing to it in iCal and then pushing the subscription out via iSync) and bring with me wherever I go is HUGE!

UPDATE: one other problem: Google Calendar does not support iCal to-dos... only events.

Google Calendar


walter said...

Brad re your applescript that you described on it something you can share?

augmentedfourth said...

I might... but since it's still in very active development I'm not particularly keen to make it public just yet.

Watch this space, and I'll post the code once I'm confident that it's OK.

augmentedfourth said...

And by "this space," I mean this blog at large... I won't post it to the comments of this particular post.

Harry J. Sachz said...

darn.. i expected a post about net neutrality... i'm going to sadly walk away now.. :(

Harry J. Sachz said...

boooooo Verizon!

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