Saturday, June 18

One-fifth of Web users prefer online news

This Nielsen report is no surprise to me... I get *all* of my news on the Web. My wife and I have a weekend subscription to the newspaper, but that's mainly for the coupons and ads that are in the Sunday edition. (And the comics. Don't forget the comics... though I read my favorites of those on the Web as well.)

The best part of online news, for me, is the customizability of the headlines I receive. I view all of my news headlines via RSS (Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication), and there are a bazillion RSS feeds to choose from, give or take about 3. You can see the feeds I view in my blogroll. A lot of people use RSS software on their computers, but I like using Bloglines because it keeps track of all the items I've read, so I never have to look through things I've already seen if I move to a diferent computer. Since I can use up to 4 different computers in a day (Mac and Windows at work, Mac and Windows at home), this is a great benefit. Also, when I make any changes to my personal list of feeds, they're updated on the server and I don't have to make those changes on each computer individually.

So, RSS is great. Huzzah! Web news is awesome! Check it out! (It's Saturday morning; just humor me.)

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