Friday, October 1

Focus Group Gives Slight Edge to Kerry

A New Hampshire focus group felt that Kerry was a better debater, but they all seem to have found justification for their previously-held stance in the outcome of last night's ordeal. According to an AOL poll I heard about on the radio (yeah, I know, who trusts the political opinion of AOL'ers?), most of its subscribers did not change their support as a result of the debate.

As I said in my last post... sure, Kerry was sleek and polished, but his content was insignificant. Also, his facial expressions during Bush's answers (CBS, which is where I tuned in last night, often showed both faces at the same time) seemed quite derisive as he smirked at our current commander-in-chief. Bush seemed much more introspective, considering Kerry's points and then responding while respectfully disagreeing.

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